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I decided on a big Coldplay shuffle on my laptop this eve (it's big - I have maybe 96% of every song they've ever recorded - albums, lives, bsides...) and X&Y came on (the song from the eponymous album).

To me, they're perfect.Collapse )

New TV Obsession

If you feel like there's a 4hour gap in your life only a war time drama can fill YOU SHOULD ABSOTIVELY WATCH BOMB GIRLS.

There's an ace pic under hereCollapse )

God the 40s were amazing if you go by the costumes - and I'm so fascinated by the home front during the world wars - although it took this show to promt me to ask my grandma about her time during the war. She was in the Land Army and her sister worked in a munitions factory - I am totally going to pick her brain as much as I can. Unlike my aunties, she's a woman of far too few words. I need to read up on the history of it so I have prompting questions to ask her. Can't believe it took telly to make me realise just how awesome my grandparents are.

A Tiny Pop Genius

In the vein of my overexcited musical fixations, this one's LONG overdue
Robyn being the Tiny Pop Genius to whom I refer...Collapse )
 I mean, come on - how can you not love this woman? JUST LOOK:

It feels like a while since I last LOST MY MIND over a musician and maybe time has given me extra fuel for how hard I have fallen for Janelle Monáe's incredible music.

(An Ode to Ms Monae...)Collapse )

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Awww you make me smile Internets

I swear - I can't go 5 mins on google reader without grinning or guffawing. The best part of going on a 6week holiday is totally catching up on my favourite bloggers. I got to watch 6 episodes of Pretty Little Liars (aka PLL) IN A ROW partially interupted by two sets of hilarious recaps from Heather Hogan and Jacob Clifton and then I got to read through Dorothy Snarker's ode to the abs of the olympics <3 and look at the hilarious GIFs and squee Heather Hogan had on her Tumblr (Heather RULES the internet) which I could not resist sharing :)

GIF-ing it up...Collapse )

Also if you're intrigued by the bin kicking...WATCH PRETTY LITTLE LIARS IT'S INSANE

Kelly Clarkson, Why You So Awesome?

I cannot even cope with how brilliant Kelly Clarkson's new album is. I have been shouting the words and punching the air and head banging like a proper geek all day.

Onwards to my musical joysCollapse )

Also helps that Kelly Clarkson is this tiny adorable ball of Texan sass and has a hell of a voice - so yes, add her to the huge list of pop singers I'm in love with...maybe it's the 3/4 combats, tight tee and coy smile...my little gaymo heart can't cope


Fun Weekend Times

I went to visit my dad yesterday. It was his 73rd birthday and we went for an epic walk. Set off around 10 and got back at 5. I was exhausted. Dad was fine I am so unfit it's not even fair.

Lots of looking at natureCollapse )

So yeah. It was a nice day out.


has anyone seen this (seeing as im on a musical rampage at the moment)

If Embed don't work go HERE

ahhhhhhhhh tracksuit + staten insland ferry + dances = <3 :D

i feel so enthusiastic at the moment that i really need to share some musical revelations with someone, so LJ wins! (my facebook is getting tired of it i think)

PS i may have accidentally shifted some stuff trying to LJ cut :/
Embedding and the likeCollapse )

total awesome new obsession with german tv

oh lj how i love you, with your sophie/sian corrie community...but i think i love someting even more than those georgeous squeeingly cute mancuninas...

Yes, you read right...GERMANS!!Collapse )


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