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total awesome new obsession with german tv

oh lj how i love you, with your sophie/sian corrie community...but i think i love someting even more than those georgeous squeeingly cute mancuninas...

a random sentence on after ellen pointed me to a random soap opera called hand aufs herz (hand on heart) which has a burgeoning lesbian storyline between emma und jenny <3...(they totally kissed and i swear their 3kiss screentime equals the years worth of sophie/sian kissing, deutsches madschens love to take their time!)

i do love brooke and sacha a lot but LUCY SCHERER (dark haired jenny, the instigator of the glorious kissathon)...oh my god i love her. she can sing (like she was in the german wicked) and has amazing eyesex looks at emma (played by kasia borek, awesomly polish name)!!!!


shes just so marvellous. plus kasia is polish and i love poles (few friends at work are polish and theyre just great-a credit to their country) and i forgot how much i LOVE GERMAN. like i learned it for gcse at school and my vocab is totally there in my brain...i think i want to properly learn (past me buying a train ticket in berlin hauptbahnhof)

which is actually amazing, its kind of like glee (they sing in the "singing and dancing club" Die Sing und Tanz-AG)
www.youtube.com/watch (linky for lucy's amazing musical theatre voice <3)

...and theres a volleyball team (bitchy popular kids, jenny ends up captain :P)...in fact there was a BODY under the volleyball pitch XD
and did i mention the german language is AMAZING AND I LOVE IT AND WANT TO LIVE THERE?!
its just that i love the characters! they had a nice scene of jenny being all defensive at emma's use of the word normal (emma got a womans phone number and dint even realise that was mega flirtation, sidebar: emma dresses sooo gay, but seems unaware of her ubergayness)

like 5:20 in...


...and thats how we get the *WOW SEXY SMART VOLLEYBALL CHICK WHO LIVED IN LONDON (goes by the name jenny) is awesome and gay, and well digs emma as time progresses*

all in all its just sweet and amazing :3

sorry squee over and i hope i embedded properly...i leave you with...

GOD SHES HOT ...its from tumblr cos i cant find the original and its making me sad :/


Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
i know its TOTALLY AWESOME! :D
but i got a spoiler of things happening this month (boo) did you hear about them?

god im so in love with this pairing...i properly am in love with luch scherer but also think kasia borek is amazingly cute...like a wee kitten :D


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