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Kelly Clarkson, Why You So Awesome?

I cannot even cope with how brilliant Kelly Clarkson's new album is. I have been shouting the words and punching the air and head banging like a proper geek all day.

Ok, I am terribly susceptible to whirlwind romances of the musical variety - casualties of my musical crushes include: Mel C, Robyn, Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, La Roux, Pixie Lott, Paramore...there are so many. I just love music with FEELINGS. Especially that you can holler along to while clenching your fist to your chest and stamping your feet.

Thing is, I still love all of those artists...maybe not in the THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM ON EARTH NOTHING HAS OR WILL EVER COMPARE way of my first 50 listens (though I am in popstar love with Robyn Carlsson and I always will be - she wins all the awards: cutest human ever, tiny ball of pop genius, skanda dream girl, heartbreak dancefloor ueen...I could go on...)

where was I?

ohhhhh, Kelly Clarkson.

So: Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) is just an absolute classic pop song - it's incredibly catchy and does what Kelly is so good at - exclaims how much better off she is without that damn boyfriend who 'done her wrong' which may sound a bit cynical/snide on my part - but I mean it in the most positive way. Because describing it like that would automatically lead me to shunning such a tired pop trope, but I CANNOT. It's just too well done. Where I used to sneer at the song-by-numbers of it all, I just forget all that and turn into a teenager, shouting along to every word and just being made happy by the power pop of it all.

Like I said: Classic

The rest of the album has some absolute gems. Both 'Mr Know It All' and 'You Can't Win' are obviously protests at the way the media attack her (and all celebrities), and the line if you're striaght, why aren't you married yet?/If you're gay, whay aren't you waving a flag? is clearly somthing I can latch onto and love her for saying.
It's so daft that because she's not married, wants to keep her private life private and wears adorably gaymo outfits occassionally, she's constantly followed by gay rumours. She's straight (shame, she'd be AWESOME for LGBT visibility, and if she was gay - why the demands that she tell everyone? It's hard ok. Ask Chely Wright...and, you know...me) but I love that she comes across as a no-nonsense, speaks her mind gal who's not always the stereotypical pretty dressy pop star in the short dress who flashes as much cleavage and arse as she can (granted there are aspects of that occasionally, but she just seems to have a bit of class where some pop singers don't). Also she's not this scrawny thing - there's enough of her to grab onto, you know? Rawr. Plus on an even more superficial level...girls in vests...and jeans...I love it.

This musical obsession may also be to do with my housemate loving pop and making me embrace the kind of music I used to groan at or deny liking. Great music is great music - it's popular for a reason, and I get to jump about to it like a right plonker. It's great.

Also helps that Kelly Clarkson is this tiny adorable ball of Texan sass and has a hell of a voice - so yes, add her to the huge list of pop singers I'm in love with...maybe it's the 3/4 combats, tight tee and coy smile...my little gaymo heart can't cope



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