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so, my 1st glasto, and hopefully not my last!

arrived on thursday in beating sun, scrabbled desparately for a space-ended up in abrill position on pennard hill near 'the park' :D

moseyed off for a drink, then found a bandstand with people playing :) ITS BLOODY HUGE IS THE SITE BTW!
found the queens head stage, saw acoustic stuff, wandered out JUST when thunder and lightning decided to rain down, and ran into a tipi shaped tent, they were doing kareoke and the whole tent sang such classics as "all by myself" and "total eclipse of the heart"

slightly damp and back in the queens head, meandered to the front and saw Kap Bambino and ebony bones and metronomy (hypnotised by girl drummer...) all were so loud, i had fingers in ears!and was finally given ear plugs by security.
back to the tent and befriended a guy who showed me the water tap, sat at a camp fire discussing wellies then went to and already keaking tent :s

woke up with wet feet ()fuuuuck, but mercifully all dry besides that, not as much coulld be said for my jumper and jeans, lucky that everything else was in bin bags on a frends advice :)

friday was enjoyable-regia spektor was ace, NERD were hilariously self loving, but a bit rubbish...
i SHOULD have staeyd where i was but rumours of who the special guests were at the park led me there...saw a noce set by emiliana torrini, then the bad weathers (surprise!?) is was jack whites band-v cocky lead singer girl who smoked and spat everywhere-ugh! but odly likeable, she looked into the crowd a lot, and since i was at the fornt and grinning excitedly, i think she smiled back...tho im sure not, cos i also thought jack looked at me...hes a good drummer!
off to the other stage for most of...LADY GAGA. she was so ace, i saw 3costumes, or summet, made it just i time for just drunk dance! then the most amazing outfit, kind of sparkl/fire blasting boobs that went off to the song beat...poker face was classic...she did the piano version, scantily clad, then bending stood in heeld ont hepiano stool to play it...then she did the proper ace version...and i went to see the horrors and animals collective (RUBBISH, tried doves but lost the john peel stage...and whcked my knee on a camp chair :( )


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