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i feel so enthusiastic at the moment that i really need to share some musical revelations with someone, so LJ wins! (my facebook is getting tired of it i think)

PS i may have accidentally shifted some stuff trying to LJ cut :/

I'm not sure if i posted here about my obsession in Laura Marling's voice...surely everyone knows and loves her now!? i have been pretty obsessed for near to a year i think

so obv she's wonderful, has a sublime voice - god it's like treacle, i could totally eat it on toast, it sounds so wise and experienced...and she's about 22 now!? (1st album at about 18) she's YOUNGER THAN ME...and yet has all these worldy beautiful songs about heartbreak and the like.
back in the day she had an unfortunate haircut, which always endears me to people, and lead to my affectionate nickname of boyhair Marling . it comes from a place of love!! <3

suffice to say she's now completely grown into her gorgeous guitar playing loveliness...

brunette AND blonde

COR! Girl + guitar = i think im in love

ummm where was i?! oh right - back to music!

so her touring band included i think all or most of the line up of Mumford & Sons...you can totally hear marcus mumford's distingctive and equally lovely rich folksy voice (compared to Lauras) on Marling's 2nd album (i speak because i can, both her albums have been nominated for the mercury prize - which shortlists the Best British albums of the year).

now Mumford i knew from the excessive use of "The Cave" on BBC adverts (a wonderful opening guitar riff and some stomping swelling magic later in the track)

It was actually my friend Marc who i met through a friend and became hugely close to when we met up at glasonbury festival last year (he goes every year and does origami in the kids field...so he works and sees bands in the evenings...) and he encouraged me to go see Mumford on the John Peel stage with him...it was AMAZING. i'm usually the maniac singing every word and feeling all the emotion, but since i only kind of liked mumford, it was wonderful to be in this huge festival tent packed to the rafters (people outside, it was so full)and have everyone there singing along, suffice to say when i got home i picked up a copy of their debut "sigh no more" and was an obsessive listener. i was lucky enough to find out they and laura marling were playing a gig a 20min train ride from home in Bradford in july 2010, and i went to see my fave folksters...WONDERFUL.

while on the subject of folk, Johnny Flynn is another young rich voiced lovely, and Noah and the whale (i saw at glasto 09, tres nice) used to have Marling in their band!

Other Marling related bands...the MYSTERY JETS!!! i just heard this genius track a few weeks back

No embedding on this but SO WORTH A CLICK - excellent song and great video :D the album that it's from, twenty one, is fantastic. just my style...a bit of jumping allowed for the catchy tracks (it peters out near the end but it's a very strong album all told)

i should mention Marling, Mumford and the Mystery Jets are all full album streaming on myspace <3 GO GOOGLE!

Also i have been obsessed with Metronomy's new single "the look"

i saw these guys at glasto 2009 and after going *wooooooahhhhh hot girl drummer!!!* i made a point of keping them in my headspace. it's not until now that i've heard many of their songs...they have a new album "English Riviera" which i would buy on the strength of the one track above!! also they are playing leeds (where i live) in sept!! - i missed them in march when they played as i saw the gig poster the day AFTER they played >:(

Fairly marvellous anyway...

going back to the mercury prize...Winner of best album 2010 were "The xx" with the allbum xx


it's so sultry (yes that IS the word i would use to describe them!) and restrained, it's like theyre really trying to hold back (the album was recorded mainly at night in a studio down london town so that may be a contributing factor)

it's a really chilled and absolute earphone listen of an album, i love the guy's voice, and the the girl is a gay! so they get my approval for having a member of the club there :D (im so vacuous). plus their 3rd member, jamie, is just great...he plays all his bass thumping (seriously EARPHONES) accompanyments and percussions live when they perform (they were playing in leeds when i wasnt so sure about them-FOOLISH OF ME!! and they clashed with another band at glasto 2010)

my fave song of theirs:

however the video and random patterned bass in Islands is also very VERY worth a listen and a click

I've also just got a ticket for Wild Beasts. My friend loves them and they sold out an evening gig so they're doing a MATINEE GIG TOO!!!! how cool is that?! i couldn't resist! at the moment, albatross is heavily in my playlist!

also got tickets for something called "live at leeds" kind of a city music festival with various bands and venues all in 1 day (like pubs and the student union gig venues etc)...and my friend is encouraging me to go see James Blake at this. He's big noise at the moment and i shun the popular vote a lot (more fool me, this has led to late adoption of the xx and vampire weekend, who i'll get to in a minute)

i heard Wilhem's Scream a lot on the radio and didn't get him at all, but now my friend sent me a link to this GENIUS

the lyrics and the soulful voice and the whole package (again my love of Bass creeping through!!)
also this clip of him live at SXSW and just...WOW! he's also streming his album on myspace :D

and as mentioned before, VAMPIRE WEEKEND ARE IN FACT NOT JUST ABOUT HIPSTERS...THEYRE AMAZING but you all knew that!!! if not, read on...
i got "contra" off a friend and just...it's so close to perfect!!! Diplomat's Son has a sample of MIA's "HUSTLE" which i immediatley picked out (i love recognising where samples are from).

so totally youtube that and 'giving up the gun' and 'one (blakes got a new face)' and 'walcott' among all the genius of vampire weekend (sidebar: in about 2008 my friend did a road trip north through scotland and in a hotel bar where he was staying...an undiscovered vampire weekend were playing for free drinks!!!he said they were friendly nice guys and had broad new jersey accents and he recalls hearing 'Oxford Comma')

i am now gutted that i walked past vampire weekend's set on the pyramid stage at glasto...however we were on our way to see MUmford and Sons :D Marc too an excellent photo as we passed the pyramid stage arena but my link to facebook is being rubbish...it has Vampire Weekend on the stage as we passed <3

and why the sudden music obsession?

well, since before Xmas i have started listening to bbc 6music, a sort of classy grown up version of bbc radio 1 :P that plays a bit more left of centre and none of the silly dance tracks (though i have a weakness for David Guetta's "Whos that chick?").

they have given me back a passion for new music and bands...there are odd songs that are on their playlists that i just cannot get enough of, and they're pretty into their live music and as a former gig whore (like at least 2 a month back in the day) i just got my energy back to go buy some tickets!

also much excitement for glasto 2011 (my ticket is bought!and my mission in life to see Coldplay on the Pyramid Stage is nearing!!) and i got a ticket to see MUSE PLAY ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY AT LEEDS FEST!!!! so i'm thrilled with this too, so much so i wrote to 6music and they READ OUT MY EMAIL!!! and they played the Muse song i requested :D:D:D i could not believe they read my entire email!

the show is up on the bbc website until saturday morning and my email is just after 57mins if you jhave time to be bored by my muse obsession...

(i am such a geek)

anyhoo this is a huge post, and any musical suggestions are welcome in reply :D if you made it to the end of this post i APPLAUD YOU!!


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Apr. 13th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
sharing the Laura Marling love ♥ (and Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn and Noah & The Whale)

music obsessions are fun :-)
Jan. 5th, 2012 10:00 am (UTC)
haha! nice! ohhhhh Marling! <3 what do you think of her 3rd album?

I saw her at York Minster and it was supe ace! seen her 3 times now :D and mumford twice...
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