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Fun Weekend Times

I went to visit my dad yesterday. It was his 73rd birthday and we went for an epic walk. Set off around 10 and got back at 5. I was exhausted. Dad was fine I am so unfit it's not even fair.

We saw tonnes of frogs in a pond, which I've never seen before! I love nature. It always fills me with wonder.

Then I got tired climbing a hill and had to sit down, then we walked down an even bigger hill and my knees almost broke, at which point we decided a bit of shortcutting was in order. Dad's always the leader o the walks. He grew up around where I live and knows roughly where everything is. However there's often a bit of a "hmm, we're 5miles further away form the car than I imagined...we'd best climb over this fence to save time and avoid the bull/wild horse in the field" (we have actually encountered both of those dangers on several occassions).

Yesterday was no different. However by a strange turn, it was me pushing for the trespassing *ahem* I mean shortcut through about 4 fileds so we could reach the river and follow it back to the car due to my extreme knee fatigue. For the whole 4 fileds of fence, wall and barbed wire climbing, I could hear the Mission Imposible theme tune in my head. This was slightly dampened by us both needing a long sit down once we reached the river bank, and dad having to apply his arthritis cream to his gammy ankle. It was class.

Then on the walk along the river we came to a "semi ancient woodland" - it's got a lot of sessile oaks and rare birds that like to live there. We saw tonnes of them because I was still exhausted and kept having to sit on benches, and once you've been stationary for a while, they just flutter down to see if you have food.
*Decided to add pictures for those who don't know the birds and to aid my procrastination (they're just from wiki)

There was a robin about a foot from my head,

and I saw a lapwing do this CRAZY midair diving manouver,
Hmm, not sure this is that type of lapwing we saw. I just saw and white blur.
then we saw a chubby wee chaffinch,

and a grey wagtail (they're actually yellow),

coal tits and blue tits (hee)

ducks and goosanders

and some nuthatches (dad loved them cos they're rare apparently)

oh we also saw a pair of pheasants in our trespassing

and some nesting grouse - who make this amazing call to scare you away from their nests...it sounds like they're saying "gobackgobackgoback!" they're entertaining birds! and they have a really bright red comb on their heads :)

my dad totally had to name all except the grouse and ducks though. I'm a terrible ornithologist.

So yeah. It was a nice day out.


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