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New TV Obsession

If you feel like there's a 4hour gap in your life only a war time drama can fill YOU SHOULD ABSOTIVELY WATCH BOMB GIRLS.

The first series is only 6 episodes long too. I hope a british tv channel buys it so I can watch it on a telly instead of interwebs (I'm a bad person - I know).

Totally started watching Bomb Girls thanks to Elaine Atwell's amazing recaps on AfterEllen. She's such a brill writer - I love it when I get multiple laughs while sharing the joy of a telly program with the internet - and Elaine's photo captions RULE. She's just wonderful in tone and observation. Really hope she gets lots of writing gigs. I love the internet for giving us this wealth of writing talent :D

Also, how can you not watch a show with a bona fide Rosie the Riveter? Especially when she looks like Ali Liebert <3

She plays gay soooo goooood *swoon*
You know I'm selling her short - she's amazing. Her mannerisms, her swagger, her portrayal of a lesbian before it was know as anything but a mental sickness? It's equal parts adorable and heartbreaking.

God the 40s were amazing if you go by the costumes - and I'm so fascinated by the home front during the world wars - although it took this show to promt me to ask my grandma about her time during the war. She was in the Land Army and her sister worked in a munitions factory - I am totally going to pick her brain as much as I can. Unlike my aunties, she's a woman of far too few words. I need to read up on the history of it so I have prompting questions to ask her. Can't believe it took telly to make me realise just how awesome my grandparents are.


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