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I decided on a big Coldplay shuffle on my laptop this eve (it's big - I have maybe 96% of every song they've ever recorded - albums, lives, bsides...) and X&Y came on (the song from the eponymous album).

I almost burst into joyful tears. There's such a lump of emotion weighing on my chest right now. Coldplay were that band that made me dive headfirst into music. Like it's the thing I couldn't live without because songs (and especially live music) make me feel so connected (I can be rather dramatic when a song hits me right...it feels like the song was written for you and it's like the lyrics are burned onto your soul or something. I think that's a common feeling...but none of my friends feel as strongly about music as I do. Like I'm not sure many of them could be moved to tears by music.

I've probably blabbered on about Coldplay before but I need to repeat that because OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. I'm not as taken with Viva La Vida and some of Mylo Xyloto, but I still managed to listen to them on repeat when I first bought them. Mylo got over a hundred plays within a week or something barmy. I love it when I get an album that I'm so excited about, I go to bed listening to it. It's like I feel sad that I don't get to hear it because I'm asleep.

So X&Y has a special place because it was one of my very first on repeat albums. I remember going to buy the album the week it came out and taking a CD player with me so I could hear it STRAIGHT AWAY and it was the first thing to give me that EMOTION thing that songs do to you from time to time.

I saw Coldplay doing the Paralympics closing ceremony and was almost crying at that as well. ON MY TELLY - they just...they're my boys - their albums opened so many doors in me and now I can't help but feel proud of them and just love their music so deeply.

Ohhh Coldplay. I don't think I could ever love anything as much as I love those boys.

To me, they're perfect.


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