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bit carried away...

so i accidentally bought a ticket to coke live festival in krakow cos my friends are gonna be in poland and MUSE are headlining (plus chemical bros, N.E.R.D, Panic at the disco -who i recall seeing at leeds fest). cant argue with £55 for 2 days...

anyhoo, i found out the bank hol is very close so a few days off work gives me a week so after watching girl with the dragon tatoo (omg watch it with subtitles cos swedish is an ace language and noomi rapace is just AMAZING) ...so the idea of stockholm entered my mind (thanks ryanair) and to add to that, sky scanner being AMAZING and showing a flight from OSLO IN NORWAY TO LIVERPOOL. i appear to have just extended a long weekend in krakow into a scandinavian detour for an extra week - HELLS YEAH!!!

sorry, *flaily flail*
id promised myself sweden but the expensive returns to uk seemed like scuppering it, i was about to become boring and not do anything...glad i've kept the travel promise to myself...if i say i'm going...I'M GOING!

Various SQUEES

back from glastonbury about 2 week ago and getting over the post glasto high now (yes, it was as amazing as the first time and i encourage ALL AND SUNDRIE TO GO - if youre not a drunk and dont throw wee/litter/throw up on people etc)

i had the weakest tan ever for 4days of sunshine :P

mumford & sons were electric considering i didnt know them that well. to be immersed in a tent of jumping and clear love (the crowd knew every word) and not be one of the loons is rare for me...i liked it :D

alas i missed laura marling as she clashed with Muse (9 hours stood at the pyramid stage for them - plus bonus of SHAKIRA BEING AWESOME AND SUPERBUFF AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN I'VE EVER SEEN IN REAL LIFE - yes i am now a vacous trollop...but the tv doesnt do justice to her...good. lord.)

in fact i saw laura marling last night in bradford with mumford & sons and dhorahar project (rajistani folk collective genius). bloody special night that!and it was 3hours of pretty constant music! best way to part with 20 quid :D

also bought flights to NEW YORK CITY a wee bit ago and just had the first stage of visa waiver approved (bonus of GBR). so any suggestions on east USA are welcomed...i'm there for 22 days and im visiting friends in washington dc and philly...so anything else? also, im staying in hoboken so i think travel will be a slight :/
but the city that never sleps...i'll make up for it!

*flaily flail excitement*

holidays! *dances*

off to a field in somerset tomorrow,

packed the tent, the apples, the bag of carrots and the sleeping bag...hop on a 6hour bus ride and AWAAAAAY

i went to glasto last year and had the best weekend of my life :)
and i'm camping with the guys i met last year, as well as meeting fellow muse fans, a guy who made me chilli while i watched doctor who and have been emailing every day for 2 weeks, and roy the hippy type i chatted to for 6hours on the bus down last year.

yeah...should be good...


the best website i've ever played on!

dude, incredibox

its so so amazing! this friend of a friend, he designed a website, using his own musical skills im told, where you can compose a human beatbox song of you own, with up to 7 sounds, and you can create bridges and things by removing some sounds then adding others etc.

if you're in procrastination mode - GO FOR IT!


If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

it'd probably be one of my favourite actors charaters, so at the moment, emily from skins!
never a dull moment with the bristol teens-many silly drug fuelled parties, and i'd be able to ask, why do you put up with naomi??

excellent question, shame i gave a terrible answer!

although another awesome character-THE DOCTOR (preferrably ten because he's lovely) because not only do you get an alien lofeform, with fantastic hair and lots of running, you get a TIME MACHINE and depending on your definition of day...he could always get you back before tea time (in theory...could be tea time the next year)


after much chin stroking and faffing on ebay...i managed to procure a single standing ticket, at face value, for the lily allen dizzee rascal gig at manchester M.E.N!
posted and arrived in a day and after running about procuring some dizzee cds (i like to be prepared to sing along-and Dizzee is better than i gave hoim credit for-'boy in da corner' won the mercury prize!!), i was prepared-but ebay scares me, and although i had a reliable well reviewed seller, i still wasnt 100% if my ticket was genuine :/
its a bit ramblesomeCollapse )

Writer's Block: Menu fixe fix

If you could choose only two foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? How soon would you grow tired of them?

steak fajitas and this amazing lentil thing my flatmate cooks....although it might be hard to live without biscuits :(

paramore and a bit of skins

i saw paramore in manchester on weds. stuck in the high blocks, but row B, with a screaming idiot girl next to me and my 14yr opld cousins. didnt thing much of the support but within a song of paramore being on and the idiot drown out by the M.E.N. cheering, i was well into it!!!!! hayley williams is supersupersuper cute! blonde suits her :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/shirlaine/4191076581/in/photostream/ http://www.paramore.net/photo/hayley-in-manchester-1/ (sorry it wont take the urls:( ...although i mainly saw her on the screen and as a tiny blob on the stage-they played some 1st album stuff, which was nice (though i dont know it well) they hayley said they were trying a ew tracks they didnt in america-MISGUIDED GHOSTS!!!! on of my FAVES and where the lines overlap :D when the encore had the beginning of crushcrushcrush, hayley was saying "what? whats that sounds familiar" :D:D:D:D www.youtube.com/watch i am lame at filming etc. stupid camera phone and in entertaining skins news..... freddie and naiomi were at a club in aberdeen (my friend works there and organised it!) and freddie sang to her for her bday, and lily looks pretty good with dark lipstck and long hair....see if this facebook link works? (you need to login)

skins s3

ok. i finally watched it. all. in 2 days.

ITS AMAZING AND I WANT TO MARRY EMILY-possibly naiomi...or JJ! hmm.

La Roux

so i saw elly and the gang twice last month :D

and for the glasgow gig, i got the q jump for being on O2, they did me some elly eye make up and i got on the barrier in front of elly's mic stand!!!!!!

theys on my facebook but apperently i cant paste the pics from there and im too lazy for photobucket :(

huge hi res picsCollapse )

i did a few videos on my shabby mobile but so close theys not bad vids :D


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